Monday, May 7, 2012

First haircut {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

We said good-bye to Q’s curls this weekend, and took him to get his first haircut. (This one didn’t count.) This milestone is bittersweet for me. Quinn looks less and less like a baby every day anyway, and now he has a big boy haircut. He looks so grown up now!

Here are some cute photos of Quinn’s hair before the cut. It was starting to get into his eyes and curl up around his ears like some crazy mad scientist. As funny as those curls looked sometimes, I loved them and was a little sad to see them go.

Since I don’t even trust myself with baby fingernail clippers, I wasn’t about to take scissors anywhere near my son’s head. So we went to a hair salon just for kids where they can sit in a car from the Cars movie or a Barbie Jeep or sit on a little horse. Q was intrigued by these things when we first arrived, but we decided it was best to just let him sit on my lap during the haircut.

This proved to be a good decision. Q doesn’t like it when strangers – or any strange thing, for that matter – get very close to him. Luckily, the nice lady who cut his hair was a pro and used to giving scared little ones their first haircuts.

The lady started by spritzing Q’s hair with water. He was instantly not happy about this.

Daddy fired up Netflix on his phone and loaded an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba to help distract Quinn. This mostly worked.

He got very concerned when the scissors started…

 … then proceeded to lose his mind.

I sang softly in his ear, and that helped a little bit.

He kept looking at Hubs and me like “What are you people doing to me? Are you sure this is okay?”  Poor little guy.

Occasionally, he would catch a glimpse of what was happening in the mirror. Sometimes that was a good thing, sometimes it wasn’t.

Then the clippers started. Oh, dear. Q did not like the clippers. 

Just a few more snips to even it out.

When it was all over, we let him sit in the Barbie Jeep again. (The Cars car was occupied.) I’m sure Daddy wasn’t thrilled with his son sitting in a pink Jeep, but Q’s happy face after that traumatic experience was worth it. (Yes, that’s me in the mirror making silly faces to get Q to laugh. Obviously, the trauma was too great, and my usual antics wouldn’t even make him crack a smile.)

After the haircut, we hit up a happy hour to celebrate. Mommy and Daddy needed a drink. A few sips for us – and a few bites of string cheese for Q –made us all forget all about the loss of his curls, at least temporarily.

Look at that handsome boy. So grown up. Another moment on his way through toddler-hood. Another moment for the scrapbook. Another moment leading him away from being Momma’s baby.