Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sometimes I read your blog while I pee

Dear beloved bloggers,

I love your writing. I love your stories. I love the emotion you invoke. I laugh my ass off. I am brought to tears. I get all mad on your behalf. Your blogs inspire me to be a better writer. Your bloggy friendship and support make me proud to be part of such a fabulous community.

I’m sad that I don’t have more time to devote to reading blogs. Now that Quinn’s officially a toddler, he’s become quite demanding. I have to, like, pay attention to him and stuff. If I turn my back for a second, he’ll slam his fingers in the cupboard (again) or try to escape out the screen door (again).

And when he’s asleep, there’s so much I need to get done! That precious time is filled with laundry, cleaning, laundry, showering, laundry, a bazillion to-do list items, and laundry. Did I mention that I have a shit-ton of laundry to do? Plus, I need to write this blog at some point, and finding time to do that is becoming more difficult.

So I have to steal moments to read my favorite blogs. When Quinn was a tiny baby, I read them while we nursed. Yes, I know I’m supposed to stare down lovingly at my baby the whole time he’s nursing so we can bond while I gaze fondly upon his beautiful face. Um, yeah, when your kid wants to attach himself to your boob every 45 minutes, sometimes you need to occupy yourself with other things during that time or else you’ll lose your mind. So while I breast-fed the Q-man (which was All. The. Time.), I read your blog.

By now, we’re pretty much done with nursing, which is all kinds of awesome because I enjoy not being chained to the chair for 75% of my day. However, that means less time to read blogs. So I have to find other times.

Like on the toilet. Yep, I read your blog while I pee. I know that’s gross, but it’s the best I can do. I check my email on my phone, and since I can subscribe to almost all my faves via email, I just read them right there in my inbox… on the john.

This is also the reason why I don’t leave more comments. I am awful when it comes to commenting, and for that, I’m truly sorry. I read the posts quickly and think to myself As soon as I get back to my computer tonight, I’m going to comment on that post. But then life happens, and Quinn is crying, and dinner is almost ready, and Quinn pooped again, and despite my best intentions, I never get around to commenting. I know. I suck. (For this reason, and many others, I will always be small potatoes in the bloggy world.)

I feel really guilty about this, especially when I have so many wonderful readers who visit me almost every day and leave their pearls of wisdom and hilarity in the comments. I know I need to return the comment love, and I intend to, I just don’t know when.

So to all my favorite bloggers and faithful commenters, I want you to know that I do read your words. Often. You just don’t know I’m there. (And since I’m usually peeing when this happens, you’re probably okay with that.)

Love, your loyal lurker,