Monday, May 21, 2012

Tunnels and Dinosaurs {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

Quinn got a special treat on Saturday. His Grandma Mary came over to play while I went to a friend’s bridal shower, and she brought over a couple play tunnels for Q to play in.

At the end of our “Mommies and Movers” yoga classes, the instructor brings out the play tunnels, but Quinn never crawls through. He sits at the opening and watches the other kids, but he won’t go in. Maybe it’s because there are too many kids, too much chaos for him? Not sure why exactly. But when those play tunnels popped up in our family room this weekend, Q didn’t hesitate.

That’s the face of a happy kiddo!

On Saturday night, a couple of our friends came over for dinner and brought a new dinosaur for Quinn. Q woke up on Sunday in his dinosaur jammies – and spent the morning with his new blue friend watching Dinosaur Train on Netflix.

Quinn spent part of that time sitting on my lap. He’s already getting so big, and I know the day will soon come when he won’t want to snuggle with Mommy anymore. So until then, I’ll take every snuggle I can get.