Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where we left off {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

This QWA is going up a day late because our weekend lasted an extra day. My dear friend, Laura, flew in from Boston for a visit. And I mean a dear friend. Laura’s the one who got ordained and married the Hubs and me on the beach. Ah, memories…

Though the visit was short – just three days – we packed in a lot of activities, all of which included talking, giggling and catching up. Laura and I are half of a foursome of girls who met in college and became the best of friends. I moved to California only a year after meeting those three lovely ladies, but we quickly discovered that our friendship was greater than the distance between us.

Since then, we’ve all lived in different places around the country, and there have been numerous plane flights and lots of “time zone math” before phone calls. Even though I don’t get to talk to my girls as often as I’d like, we always pick up right where we left off, no matter how much time has passed since our last giggle-fest.

This weekend with Laura was no exception. I miss her already….

Quinn had a great time with Auntie Laura, and he took to her right away. (He met her once before, but I doubt he remembers that.) On Saturday, the three of us went out for lunch and then to the park.

On Sunday, Q stayed home with Daddy while Laura and I went to the beach. The morning was pretty cold and foggy, but the mist quickly burned off and it turned into a beautiful day. We sat by the ocean on a huge beach towel and talked, and then people-watched and talked, and then read our books, and then talked some more. (Yes, I sat by the ocean and read a book! Heaven.)

On Monday, Hubs went back to work, so Laura, Quinn and I head drove up to Half Moon Bay. We left early in the morning and drove up the coast a ways so Q could nap in the car. Then we stopped for lunch at the famous Sam’s Chowder House and enjoyed the amazing food and gorgeous ocean views. We took these photos from their deck that overlooks the harbor.

Then we walked through the quaint downtown area and stumbled upon a few things I’d never noticed in any of my many previous visits to Half Moon Bay. First, we saw this awesome mural of a surfer that took up two walls of a building.

Then we found this old jail that is now a local history museum…

… and a haunted house. Weird.

Laura caught the red-eye back to Boston Monday night. I wonder if Q will be sad when wakes up and she’s not here. I know I will be.

My “inventions” post will go up on Thursday this week. Turns out Mama Kat has prompt about that anyway! What a coincidence!