Monday, June 18, 2012

Father’s Day and a Fiesta {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

This weekend was another scorcher. Even though the temperature crept up around the 100-degree mark, it was perfect weather for a fun Father’s Day and a fab fiesta.

On Sunday morning, after a French toast breakfast, Quinn helped Daddy open his Father’s Day presents. I bought Hubs some t-shirts he’s been wanting, and I’m taking him to a baseball game in August, after his cast comes off.

But the best gift of all was a frame for Daddy’s desk at work. I shamelessly stole borrowed this idea from my friend, Robin. I took pictures of Quinn holding on to the letters D-A-D, and put the three photos in a frame with three 4x6 openings. It came out really cute. In this week’s “Not-So-Wordy Wednesday” I’ll show you the “DAD” photos as well as some of the outtakes from that photo shoot. Getting Q to hold those letters up was not easy!

One of Hubs’ most favorite things on the planet is ice cream cake. Turns out, Quinn loves it, too.

Q got a hold of Daddy’s Blackberry. He’s quite proud of himself.

He decided to rub it in Daddy’s face. Literally. Right after he took a giant poo. How’s that for a Father’s Day gift?

Hope Q isn’t calling Daddy’s boss….

On Saturday, our friends, Robin and Rob, tied the knot. They had a beautiful fiesta-themed wedding and first birthday party for their son.

photo credit*
photo credit*

These love birds decided it wasn’t quite hot enough outside and steamed it up a little more after saying “I do.”

I put my mad Power Point skills into action and helped Robin with the fiesta invitations and decorations. Everything turned out beautifully!

Quinn got to hang out with all his buddies at the party. Here’s a picture of three of the happy families (before we all melted in the heat).

photo credit*

Q’s little girlfriend is to stinkin’ adorable!

photo credit*

Quinn flashes that million dollar smile.

photo credit*

It’s getting close to Q’s naptime in this picture. He was too hot and tired to care that we put a plastic sombrero on his head.

Oh, yeah. It’s meltdown time. I think one of the babies looked at Q wrong or accidently touched him or something. That was all it took to push him over the edge. Despite the heat and the tears, these half-naked kiddos are awfully cute.

photo credit*

We haven’t had a nice family photo in a while. Even when it’s one hundred degrees out and one of us is wearing a cast, we Kirtley’s can clean up rather nicely. (Yes, that's my son holding a spray bottle. It was that f**king hot. He's actually drenched himself in this picture.) 

photo credit*

I’d like to wish a big, fat congratulations to the happy bride and groom, Robin and Rob! And a big happy first birthday to their little love bug! We love you guys!

*Photo credit goes to my friend, Rebecca, who has a kick ass camera and knows how to use it. Thanks, Becca!