Monday, June 25, 2012

I’m the Mutha Flippin’

I’m on another blogcation this week. Quinn and I are off on our trip to Michigan to visit my family and friends back home. Rather than leave you with complete silence this time, I’ll give you a peek into my f**ked up weird sense of humor.

Each day during my blogcation, I will post a new video from Flight of the Conchords, the music-comedy duo, Jermaine and Bret, from New Zealand. They had a show on HBO that ran for a couple seasons a while back. (How’s that for specifics?) Not everyone finds them hilarious, but Hubs and I sure do.

In this first video, you’ll meet the “Hip-hop-opotamus” and the “Rhyme-noceros.”

With that, I give you Flight of the Conchords.

Hope you got a kick out of that, but you’re probably still shaking your head and thinking, “Dafaq?”

If you hated that, don’t worry. It will be over soon. Assuming I survive the flight alone with my toddler, I’ll be back with a super duper QWA all about our trip on Tuesday, July 3. 

Note: If you blow the video up to full screen, it will be super grainy because Blogger compresses it. Bummer. Also, if you're viewing this post in your email, the video won't show up because Feedburner is weird like that. Double bummer. Please click on the title of the post to view it in your browser.