Thursday, June 28, 2012

What you’ve always wanted to say to a pregnant woman, but couldn’t

Okay, so maybe Flight of the Conchords isn’t up your alley. Or maybe you’re tired of them after three days of videos. That’s okay. I understand. They’re not for everybody.

Today, I have something new for you that I know you will love. Whether you found Flight of the Conchords to be hilarious or wretched, you’re gonna get a HUGE kick out of this.

Meet Garfunkle and Oats, a female musical comedy duo that cracks my ass up! These two funny ladies may look familiar to you. Find out where you know them from here and here.  

In this video, called “Pregnant Women are Smug,” G & O say what you’ve always wanted to say to a lot of pregnant women. Just because you’re belly is big enough to have its own gravitation force, that doesn’t mean the entire universe revolves around you and your baby. Just sayin'. 

Warning: Garfunkle and Oats tend to use a bit more foul language than Flight of the Conchords, so keep the volume down if you’re at work or if the kiddoes are within earshot.

Bwahahaha! Hope you thought that was funny because you’ll be seeing more of them for the rest of my blogcation. If you really liked them, follow them on Twitter

What you may have missed

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