Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Father and Son Reunion {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

After spending eight days apart when Quinn and I went to Michigan, Hubs and Quinn really missed each other. Q squealed with delight when he saw his Daddy at the airport on Sunday night, and I’m pretty sure I saw Hubs’ eyes well up a little.

Quinn hasn’t stopped saying “Dada” since we got home. He asks for “Dada” as soon as he wakes up, he says “Dada” as he’s falling asleep, and he repeats “Dada” about a hundred times in a row at the dinner table until Hubs and I crack up laughing.

Seeing them together is so adorable, especially since Hubs got his cast off on Monday (three weeks early! Whoo!) and he’s now in a walking boot. Q and his Daddy wobble along together, hand in hand, each of them getting used to walking on their own two feet.

Have a safe and happy Fourth, everyone!