Monday, July 9, 2012

Love and Freedom {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

Hope you all had a fabulous Fourth of July. It’s always a bummer when July 4th is on a Wednesday. My dad said it’s like having two Mondays in the same week. Does that mean it’s like having two Fridays as well? Because that would sort of make up for a mid-week holiday.

We celebrated Independence Day at my in-laws’ house with some swimming and barbecuing. Quinn and I swam in the pool. And by “swam” I mean Quinn floated in his cool little raft, and I stood in the water next to him drinking a vodka tonic. (If you’d like my address so you know where to send my "Mother of the Year" plaque, please email me.)

Now that Hubs has his cast off, he’s hoping he can get in the water with us next time, but we’ll have to see what the physical therapist says. He has his first PT appointment this week.

Quinn always has a great time over at Grandma and Poppa’s house. With three grandchildren older than Q, their house has become the perfect play place. Quinn is apparently quite secure in his manhood, and he busied himself with his cousin’s kitchen set.

They also have a boat-shaped sandbox that the kids love. Q’s never played in the sand before, so I was a little nervous about how much of it would end up in his mouth. Surprisingly, Quinn didn’t eat any of it.

Here's a really nice picture of Quinn and his Poppa Steve.

Q also had a great time playing basketball with his cousin. The older kids are really good with Quinn, and they can’t wait for Q to get bigger so they can teach him lots of stuff. I should probably buy him a helmet and some pads now…

It was nice to have some down time this weekend after returning from our trip. On Sunday, Q’s little girlfriend came over to take a dip in the baby pool, but the kids were more intrigued by the chairs under our tree in the backyard.

The two of them are so stinkin’ cute together! They love to “cheers.” Here, they clink sippy cups.

Ah! She’s going in for the kiss! I think my heart just melted.

Those sweet little doe eyes are just gorgeous. No wonder Q is smitten.