Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Baby Boy Can Beatbox {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

What do you do when you have your leg in a cast for nine weeks and can’t chase your toddler around? Apparently, you teach your toddler to beatbox.

Yep, our little Q-man can now beatbox, courtesy of my Hubs. When you ask Q to perform his new trick, he will usually give you a “ppppppttt, pppppttt, tsk,” which is freakin’ hilarious all by itself.

But when we finally had a camera handy to record his mad skillz, Q added a few beats of his own. I’m soooo glad we had the camera going.

Go, white boy. Go, white boy. Go!

Best fifteen month old beatboxer ever, right? TOTALLY! Now, I don’t want to say Q’s the next Rahzel or anything, but I think we can agree that my son has talent.

Who’s Rahzel? (Insert sigh and eye roll.) This guy. Duh.

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