Monday, August 6, 2012

Hugs, frogs, “Melmo” and total to-do list annihilation {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

This QWA is full of randomness and adorableness. So if you’re wondering what these four things have in common, the answer is “absolutely nothing.” I’ll start with the Hugs.


My friend came over with her little girl, E (who is also Q’s girlfriend), for an impromptu pizza dinner. These two are so stinking cute together!

E got down on the floor and played trucks with Q. She knows exactly how to win him over.

She goes in for the hug! Ahhh! Too… much… cuteness! My friend and I melted into puddles on the kitchen floor, and then we proceed to discuss what awesome mothers-in-law we’re going to be someday when these two get married.

I’ve told you before what a picky eater Q is. Well, apparently he’ll eat anything as long as this pretty girl feeds it to him. Um, can E come over for dinner every night? He’s never eaten so much in one meal!

Quinn has asked for E and her mommy by name about a hundred times a day ever since. So sweet!


The frog chorus behind our house has started to wind down. After FIVE months, I say it’s about damn time. The result of all that froggy singing? Baby froggies! Here’s one of the little guys hopping around our yard.

Hubs and I thought Q would get a kick out of seeing a real life frog, but Q was having one of his rare mega-cranky moments and wouldn’t stop crying long enough to get a good look. I figure this is the last summer that the frogs can roam freely on the premises. Next year, I imagine two year old Quinn will terrorize them endlessly.


Quinn has been on a big Elmo kick lately. Whenever he sees the friendly red monster, Q shouts MELMO!! I bought him the cutest Elmo pajamas. He looks so sweet in the morning with his bed head and new favorite jammies. I just want to snuggle him!

Total to-do list annihilation

I love getting stuff done, and so does my Hubs. That’s one of the many reasons we make a great team.

Late Wednesday night, our dishwasher suddenly died. Went completely kaput. In less than twenty-four hours, Hubs had: researched and diagnosed the problem, talked to some repairmen, discovered it would cost only slightly more to replace the dishwasher than to fix it, researched new dishwashers, found a great deal on one, purchased said dishwasher, and had it delivered and installed. All in less than one day. By dinner time on Thursday, our new dishwasher was humming along nicely (and quietly). I adore this man.

We had a problem figuring out how to baby-proof the old dishwasher. Q would push the buttons and start the cycle, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The new dishwasher solves this problem. It has the controls on the top of the door so Q can’t push the buttons when the door is closed. Whoo hoo!

The new dishwasher also has a red light on the bottom that shines on the floor when it’s running. Q is fascinated by lights that shine from under things, and this red light is his latest obsession. Hubs call it our “Cylon dishwasher,” so I’ve decided to name her Sharon.

We also got the sheds built in our newly paved side yard. So we started the mass exodus of crap from the garage and into the sheds. 

This freed up tons of space in the garage so I could organize all the maternity and baby clothes. Each size has its own bin, and all the bins are in one place. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

All this organization may have gotten just a tad out of hand. We started going through other bins, bags and boxes in the garage. Hubs took everything down from the rafters, and we spread it all out on the garage floor. Neither of us have a (big) problem with holding onto stuff, so it was rather easy to create a pretty large donation pile.

Invigorated and inspired, we turned our attention to the guest room that will someday become Quinn’s Big Boy Bedroom. The closet in that room holds dresses, suits, coats and other random stuff, all of which we’re going to have to find new homes for in the near future. So we went through the closet and found several items to add to the donation pile.

This spurred us to attack the closet and dressers in our bedroom, and the donation pile got even bigger. 

Until finally, this is what the trunk of my Highlander looks like right now, and there are more bags in my back seat. All this stuff is going to Goodwill this morning. Except the stroller. The stroller stays. I should probably write a note to remind myself to NOT donate the stroller. Now, what did I do with those bright pink Post-it’s…?

We put some of the big toys that Q doesn’t play with anymore, like his jumperoo, out in the new sheds. This freed up quite a bit of space in the family room. Hubs also had the brilliant idea of moving the chair out the family room to create even more space. Now, the room is one big open area for our little toddler to go buck wild.

Hubs and I collapsed into bed every night this weekend exhausted, but proud of ourselves. This feeling of accomplishment should hold us over for a little while. I love crossing off to-do list items.