Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mornings {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

He sits in his favorite pajamas watching his favorite show. He grips Lovey Dog who has been very, very loved.

The sun shines through the window and shows off the red highlights in his mussed hair. His bed head melts my heart, and I marvel at how much he looks like his Daddy.

He waits patiently for his breakfast, perfectly content…

… Until he hears the toaster announce that his breakfast is ready.

Then he is ejected off the floor like a rocket.


His little voice bellows as he runs into the kitchen. I strap him into his booster seat and drape him in his bib. He is such a big boy sitting at the table with his own plate and utensils.

I make him wait for his toast and banana until he eats most of his oatmeal. He feeds himself a few bites, then I feed him a few bites. He grins at me with leftover oats smeared from ear to ear.

“Mama. Muah, muah,” he says and leans in for a kiss.

That’s the best invitation I’ve had all day.

I love mornings.