Monday, September 10, 2012

Aloha: The toddler edition - Part 1 {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

Hubs, Q-man and I are off on a Hawaiian vacation. We’re spending a glorious sun-filled week on the island of Kauai. We rented a little bungalow a few steps from the beach, right behind the house we rented last year.

Quinn did really well on the flight. It’s amazing how different it is flying with him now. Flying with a baby to Kauai last year was definitely easier. Hell, flying with him to Michigan just a few short months ago was easier. I’m really glad Hubs flew with us this time because Quinn was all over the place. Q was so active, I caved and let him crawl through the germs, I mean the tubes, in the play area at the airport. Bleh. So nasty.

Asking a toddler to stay still for five minutes is a lot to ask. Expecting a toddler to stay still for a five hour flight is just ridiculous. Luckily, we had a whole row to ourselves, so Quinn bounced back and forth between Hubs and me in the middle seat. Hubs kept Q busy looking at the Sky Mall magazine and counting all the doggies on the pet product pages. Genius.

Once again, Q charmed the people on the plane. He kept peeking over the seat at the super sweet lady sitting behind us, and they had great fun making each other laugh. Once again, I’m glad I brought the Boba baby carrier with us. I strapped him onto my front and swayed him to sleep.

As soon as we arrived at the rental house, we headed across the street to the beach. Q took to the water right away, so I think we’re going to spend a lot of family time by the ocean this week, which is exactly what we wanted.

I’ll tell you more about our trip and post a ton of pictures in the QWA next week. For now, there’s an ocean breeze and a mai tai calling my name. Aloha!