Monday, September 3, 2012

New Kicks {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

Quinn spent Labor Day weekend breaking in his new shoes. Hey, just because he’s not going to school this fall, doesn’t mean the kiddo can’t be fashionable.

I got away with buying my toddler fancy new shoes because they were recommended by our pediatrician. And like almost all first-time parents, we do pretty much whatever our pediatrician tells us to do, even if that means buying over-priced shoes.

We were slightly concerned because Quinn’s feet roll inward a tad, and he sort of walks on the inside of his feet. Dr. L said this is common among kids this age, and she recommended that we buy some super stiff soled shoes to better support his arches as they develop.

Hubs and I breathed a big sigh of relief at the good news… which immediately caught in our throats when we realized how much these shoes were going to cost. Yikes! Sixty dollars?! For shoes he’s only going to wear for a few months?

Good thing we adore this kid.

Amazingly, Q and I had a successful shoe shopping trip. We were out of the mall in less than an hour with his new kicks in hand, and neither of us had a single meltdown. Holla! And the shoes were on sale for almost half-off, so double holla! (That’s still too much to pay for toddler shoes in my opinion, but it seemed palatable after expecting to pay sixty dollars.)

The good news is Quinn’s feet don’t roll inward when he wears the shoes, so they were worth the cost. The bad news is the shoes only stayed pristine for a moment before he wore them to the park. I cringed a little as Q stomped in the sand and covered his fancy shoes in dust.


But even through the dust and dirt, you can still see his new kicks light up when he walks. (For that price, those suckers better f**king light up!)