Monday, October 22, 2012

Fully recovered {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

Quinn and I are both over our nasty colds. I only had a rough couple of days, but the illness plagued poor Q for almost two weeks. As you can see from all the fun Q had this weekend, he’s now fully recovered.

Q now climbs to the top of the big twirly slide at the park and goes down all by himself. That great big smile is followed by…

 … great big staticky hair at the bottom.

There goes Quinn, off on another backyard adventure, a place he never tires of exploring.

Hubs and I took him down to the local preschool to play on Sunday morning. Q had no problem or fear navigating the play structure all on his own.

He only needs help from Mommy to lift him up so he can reach the steering wheel.

The only thing more fun than helping Daddy drive the wagon…

… is when Daddy pulls him around really, really FAST!

Q’s sweet little girlfriend, E, stopped by to play for a little while on Sunday afternoon. He tried to impress her with his awesome fashion sense and insisted upon wearing his new rain boots.

Those clunky boots didn’t stop him from chasing her around the yard.

If all that running, climbing, playing and exploring wasn’t enough to prove that Q’s feeling better, the sweet and mischievous glint in his eye oughta do it.

In other news, I tried three recipes that I found on Pinterest. Yes, really. Me. Cooking. No, these are not the nesting activities of a pregnant woman. A crazy woman, perhaps, but not a pregnant one. Anyhoot, I’ll share the results of my culinary endeavors in future posts starting tomorrow. Here’s a teaser – the first one involves lots and lots of chocolate.