Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 Things I’m Thankful For

I know you’re supposed to name one thing you’re thankful for everyday in November until Thanksgiving Day, but I’m cheating and listing all of them at once. I’m also linking up with Write on Edge and Mama Kat this week!

Today, and every day, I’m thankful

1.       For my sweet baby boy whose laughter fills my heart.

2.       For my wonderful husband who loves and provides for his family.

3.       For my mom and wonderful family who send their love from miles away.

4.       That I have a husband who shares the work load instead of adding to it.

6.       That we are financially secure and can make ends meet.

7.       That I have a choice whether to work or stay home with Quinn.

8.       For wine, Red Bull and Diet Pepsi, without which I would be forced to drink… water.

9.       That our family is healthy. No diseases, conditions or ailments. Even Hubs’ broken foot healed without complications.

10.   For my new mommy friends, without whom the last twenty months would’ve been much harder. Their love and support have lifted me up so many times.

11.   For all my old friends whose love has survived the years and distance, time differences and life differences. The ties that bind us are made of steel.

12.   For the many blessings in my friends’ lives this year as well. Several of them have recently gotten married, purchased new homes, had babies and/or are about to have babies. I am full of joy for them.

13.   That Hubs’ job is secure. Though he travels a lot, I know his heart is home with us.

14.   For the DVR that delivers my son’s favorite shows (and household peace) on demand.

15.   For the roof over our heads that keeps us safe and warm.

16.   For how far I’ve come.

17.   For blueberries, the only food Quinn will almost always eat.

18.   For long talks with friends, as though no time has passed.

19.   For my hard-earned education that has opened so many doors for me.

20.   For carpet cleaner because I have a toddler.

21.   For this supportive community of bloggers and readers.

22.   For the ability to give my son clean water and food.

23.   For Facebook that allows me to kill time at red lights. (For shame! I know!)

24.   For my Hubs’ clever, witty, unrivaled sense of humor.

25.   That I’m no longer twenty-two, but not yet eighty-two.

26.   For Twitter.

27.   For Pinterest.

28.   For my ability to innovate and create.

29.   For the cards games and uproarious laughter that have generated so many fond memories with family and friends.

30.   For that tiny, sweet voice that coos “Hi, Mommy” every morning and brings tears to my eyes and light to my life.

My life hasn’t always been this charmed, and I know it could change without warning. So for this blissful moment – right here- I am humbled and grateful