Monday, November 19, 2012

All boy {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

Saturday night was date night… but not for us. I stayed with Quinn’s little girlfriend while her mommy and daddy went a date, and Hubs stayed home and put Q to bed. Last month, my dear friend babysat Quinn while Hubs and I went out for our anniversary, and so I gladly reciprocated. 

Cute and muddy
It’s a fabulous arrangement that I hope will continue, taking turns babysitting and having date nights out, repaying each other in wine and returned favors. It’s such a comfort to have friends we love and trust and whom Quinn adores.

The rain poured down that night, leaving behind a sunny and soggy Sunday morning. Quinn and I seized the opportunity to jump in puddles at the park and give his new rain boots a workout. Q splashed and sloshed, hopped and stomped, laughing his head off the whole time. He streaked through one deep puddle a little too fast, and he tripped– landing face first in the murky water.

Q sputtered and spit as I helped him to his feet. I braced myself for the scream, ready to console him. But then he looked up at me with a gleeful, muddy grin and a new little bruise forming on his forehead, and I smiled back at him. This kid is all boy.

The morning chill plus a soaking wet toddler cut our park trip a little short. We walked home, and I put Q in a warm bath. Once he was clean and dry, he took off down the hallway in his birthday suit, as he often does after a bath. I went into his room to get his clothes and called out to him.

“Hide,” Q called back. That’s his new favorite thing to do, hide. Sometimes he just covers his eyes with his hands, and sometimes he finds an actual hiding spot. In this case, Quinn “hid” in hallway outside his room. When I came out to “find” him, he slipped in some liquid on the floor. Where did that come from?

After checking him over for additional bruises, I brought him into his room to clean him up and get him dressed. “Did you go pee-pee on the floor?” I asked him.  

“Yeah,” Q replied honestly and pointed to his nether regions. “Nenis,” he said, and I tried not to laugh.

Um, so… my son said “penis.”

Which was after he peed on floor and slipped and fell in it.

Which was after he slipped and fell in a giant mud puddle and bruised on his forehead.

This kid is all boy

At the park watching a huge flat-bed truck whose driver just
took TWO smaller trucks off of the trailer.
Toddler boy mind explosion!