Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Easy barbecue pulled pork (and my big, fat crush on Pinterest)

Oh, Pinterest. How would I feed my picky child without you? How did families ever eat before your arrival? Once again, you have provided me with a recipe that even Quinn likes, and for that, I love you.

Pinterest, if you were a person, I would kiss you on the mouth. It would be awkward and there would be that weird pause when neither of us knew what to say and we might not talk for a couple weeks afterward. But then we’d pretend it never happened, and I would resume my addiction to pinning every pretty/funny/yummy thing I see.

Speaking of yummy, I found this recipe for slow-cooked barbecue pulled pork. Again, it meets all of my criteria: super easy, non-weird, and high potential for approval by picky eaters.

I love any excuse to whip out the crock pot and slow cook some deliciousness. This is by far the easiest recipe I’ve ever attempted. You only need three ingredients: a pork tenderloin, root beer and barbecue sauce. I made a few small modifications to the recipe, but it’s still just as easy.


Plop a pork tenderloin into the crock pot.

Dump your favorite root beer all over it. (I like A&W because it’s sweet.) If you have a small crock pot, twelve ounces should be enough, but if you have a gigantic crock pot like I do, I recommend twenty-four ounces. The pork doesn’t need to be totally covered, but you definitely want enough in there.

Cook it on medium (about 250°) for 5-6 hours.

Once it’s cooked, transfer the tenderloin to a cutting board and drain the root beer.

Shred the pork with a knife and fork. If it’s done enough, it should just fall apart.

Put all the pork back in the crock pot.

Pour on your favorite barbecue sauce. (I use KC Masterpiece.) I used a bottle and a half because you can’t have too much barbecue sauce. Plus, that way the leftovers don’t dry out.

Let it cook on low for another hour.

For pulled pork sandwiches, put the meat on hamburger buns and serve with a side of coleslaw. I made quesadillas instead. I just heated some tortillas in the skillet, melted a little shredded cheddar on top, and plopped a spoonful of meat on top of that.

Quinn (and the Hubs) happily ate this pork for dinner four nights in a row.

I think the only reason Hubs isn’t jealous of my love affair with Pinterest is because he gets to eat like a king.