Monday, November 5, 2012

Every childhood needs Cheerios {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

There are very few foods that we know our picky toddler will always eat, but dry Cheerios is one of them. I find Cheerios in the floor of my car, under the couch, in the bottom of the toy box, in the hamper, in the yard, everywhere. Quinn calls them his “she-shows,” or sometimes just “shows” for short.

Whenever he sees Hubs eating a bowl of Cheerios and milk for breakfast, he always asks for a bite. So one morning, desperate to find a new breakfast food that Q was not yet bored with, I asked him if he wanted to eat milk on Cheerios like Daddy does.

“Yeah!” Q shouted. “She-shows! She-shows!” Then he took off running into the kitchen. Since Q is rarely excited about food, this is pretty big news around our house.

At first, Quinn insisted on eating his cereal and “mup” (his word for milk) all by himself. “Self!” he informed me and reached for the spoon.

After dumping several spoonfuls all over himself, he let me help him, but watching him try a few times was pretty funny. I’m happy to report that he ate the whole bowl and asked for more.

Every childhood needs Cheerios.

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