Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family photo shoot {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

I didn’t get professional maternity photos done (which is probably for the best since I looked and felt like the side of a barn). We didn’t get professional photos taken of newborn Quinn. No, we decided to wait until Quinn was a full-on toddler and nearly impossible to wrangle long enough to take a decent picture.

We had our first family photo shoot a couple weeks ago. We wore the obligatory coordinating, but not matching, sweaters and our best smiles. An hour before sunset, the lighting and Quinn’s temperament were perfect.

As with any toddler, it was a little difficult getting Q to pose or do anything we wanted him to do. But the photographer did a great job getting him to smile and capturing him doing his natural, cute Quinn-type stuff.

I’m really happy with the results. Here’s a quick sample and, for our family and friends, a Christmas card photo spoiler alert.

To see more, check out our photographer’s blog.

Did you have professional family photos taken this year? How did they turn out? 


  1. very sweet pictures! he's a super cute little guy.
    we've hardly had any professional pics done of my daughter & she's 10. thank goodness we take tons on our nice little camera.

    1. Oh how I love digital photography. Gone are the days of 35mm when you only had 33 tries to get a good pic and you didn't know how they turned out until you got them developed. Now we can take a bazillon photos of our little ones without a second thought. Our kids have no idea how good they have it. :)