Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just asking for a punch in the head {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

Before the holidays, amid my crazy decorating spree, I ran a search on Amazon for Christmas pillows. This little piece of hilarity popped up.

Actual product name on Amazon:
"We All Best Ostrich Pillow Office the Nap Pillow,ostrich Pillow Head,
neck Protection Pillow Everywhere Nod Off to Sleep Christmas Gifts,
boyfriend's Gift,team Gift, Best Gifts"

WTF?? What is this thing even called? It has, like, the longest product name ever. Something about an ostrich.

Apparently, if you wear this, you can sleep anywhere, even sitting up. This is my favorite part of the product description on Amazon:

Good quality,very useful and the best present for your lover and friend.

Um, yeah, sure. “Here, lover, please cover your entire face when you sleep. Thanks.” That’s a fast way to make someone your ex-lover.

So, of course, I pinned it to my “People buy this crap?” board. (Where you will also find panties for your hands and a fart deodorizer. Yep. Really.)

Here are two more things that baffle me about this weird punching-bag-lookin' mask thing. First, the seller put a $50 price tag on it. Second, if you read the customer reviews on Amazon, it’s apparently a knock-off from a start-up company that had yet to release their product. Yes, someone saw this product idea and thought it was so good that they copied it.

Seriously, if you wear this ostrich-whoobey-whatey-thingy in an airport or anywhere in public, you’re just asking for a punch in the head, right?