Thursday, January 17, 2013

To LBK: You talk. I’m speechless.

Dear LBK,

In two months, you’ll be two years old. You talk non-stop, speaking in full sentences and commenting on everything you see, hear or think of. Your dialogue is rich with description and detail. Just when I think nothing you say could surprise me anymore, you say something so profound, I’m rendered speechless. You observe things that don’t even register with me. You remember things that I’ve long forgotten.

Here are a few things you’ve said lately that amazed me, cracked me up, made my eyes tear up, or all of the above. I’m sharing them here so I never forget.

You don’t want to go high on the swing. You want to go “really, really, really” high. That car isn’t just fast. It’s “really, really” fast. You always give me at least two “really’s.” The most you’ve ever said is five “really’s.” We passed a white pick-up on our walk, and you said it was a “really, really, really, really, really white truck.”

You’re amazed by traffic lights. Now that you’re facing forward in your car seat, you can point out all the lights and tell me if they’re red or green and if I need to stop or go. You chatter from the backseat, “red light means stop” and “green light means go” at every intersection.

Whenever you want something out of reach, you tell it to come back. At lunch, you dropped your sippy cup, and – with desperation in your voice – you yelled, “Juice! Come back!” And you holler “Truck! Come back!” when we pass a truck on the road. It’s so hilariously dramatic! I laugh every time. Except when I put you down for bed and you don’t fall asleep right away. Then you yell, “MOMMY! Come back!” and it breaks my heart and I go back.

“Mommy, you came back,” you tell me every time I reenter a room. “Mommy always comes back,” I say. Now you say it before I do. “Mommy came back. Mommy always comes back.”

At a friend’s house last week, you pointed to her and said, “Robin’s shirt has blue and green stripes on it.” WHAT??!! How do you know that?! Robin and I were both speechless.

I always tell you that the pictures you draw are beautiful. Now you yell “Beautiful!” with every swipe of the crayon.

Lately, we’ve been going on walks side-by-side, leaving the stroller and trike at home. You run down the sidewalk hollering, “No stroller! No trike! Quinn RUNNING!” (You think it’s just a nice evening stroll with Mommy, but it’s also Mommy’s sneaky way of tiring you out!) Along the route, we collect treasures in your bright green sand bucket, such as rocks, leaves, twigs and fallen tree pods. (Who knew a walk around the block could take an hour!) Last night, you picked up a really, really, really big leaf and said, “This one’s for Daddy. It’s beautiful.”

In the bathtub, you counted the tiles on the wall and got all the way to fourteen. Then you paused and said “A hundred!”

I handed you a piece of an orange, and as you put it in your mouth, you said “Thank you, Mommy.” You’re so polite when you get something delicious, which is another word you say when you eat a food you like. These days, the only food you seem to like to eat is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You eat a whole one for lunch every day, saying “deee-licious” after every couple of bites.

One of your favorite stories is Curious George Goes Camping. George gets sprayed by a skunk in the story, and at the end, the man with the yellow hat asks him, “George, what is that smell?” I don’t know if it’s because of the way I read it or what, but it cracks you up every time. To the point where you’re laughing so hard, no sound comes out. Then we both start laughing hysterically (which is not very conducive to a calming bedtime story, but oh well). Now you run around the house all day long saying “George, what is that smell?” and bursting into giggles.

After your bath every night, with the hood of your towel on your head and the rest of it flowing out behind you like a cape, you yell “SUPER HERO!!” at the top of your lungs as you streak naked through house. ("Super hero" appears near the end of the 2012 recap video, of which I'm quite proud.)

Time has gone by so fast. I want to hit a pause button and make these days – days filled with hilarity, surprises and discovery – last forever.

I love you,

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