Monday, January 14, 2013

Toddler Style and Dog Poo {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

Baby clothes are for babies.
Quinn woke up one morning last week, and all of the sudden his clothes didn’t fit anymore. They fit fine the day before, but not anymore. Even on his skinny frame, all of his pants were too tight, and getting his arms into his shirts required contortionist-type bending. Good thing kids are flexible.

So Hubs and I went on a 2T shopping spree, which means if it was in Q’s size and it was cheap, we bought it. This weekend I washed up all of Q’s new clothes and lovingly, sadly packed the old clothes away into “retirement bins” and stored them in the garage.

As sad as I am to see some of those old clothes go, I must say Q looks rather dashing in his more mature wardrobe. Ooh, I should create a style board for him! That would be kinda fun. I’m totally going to do that. Spoiler alert: it will basically look like an Old Navy ad.

Quinn stands so I can pull up his new jeans, and I notice that he’s no longer eye level with me as I sit on the floor in front of him. He stares above my head as I easily button his new pants and slightly roll the cuffs so he doesn’t slip. I wonder if he notices that Mommy’s shrinking.

Then I realized that my baby is about to turn two. WHAT?! Wow… Okay, I can’t even think about that right now…

Q and I held down the fort this weekend while Hubs is away on business. Every morning, I go into Q’s room when he wakes up, and he says, “Daddy far way on bi-ness trip, but Mommy here. I want to read a book now.” Every morning, we have to read a book before he’ll even think about letting me change his diaper. It takes his mind off of Daddy being away, so that’s fine with me.

I wasn’t the only solo-mom this weekend. The 49’ers are in the playoffs, so my friend, DeeDee, and her daughter (Q’s little girlfriend) came over to play while her Hubs watched the game up in The City. Other than a small dispute over who had which ball first, Q and E played nicely together as usual. And they “cheers’ed” sippy cups and gave each other big hugs goodbye, which melted these two mommies into puddles. So. Stinkin’. Cute, ya’ll.

Wagon ride - the ladies can't resist the Thomas the Tank Engine hat.
This boy's got style.

On Sunday, we braved the chilly weather and went to the park. Hey, don’t judge. For California, this weather is COLD, yo! We endured the 47ºF temperature and played in the sand pit in our hats and mittens.

As I type this, it’s 10:30 at night and only 36ºF. That’s almost freezing! I know my Michigan peeps are rolling their eyes right now. I know! I’ve become a cold weather wuss. I would be okay with the cold if it meant a trip to the mountains for some snowboarding, but with Hubs’ crazy travel schedule, who knows when we’ll make it up there. Right now, the only plan is “we’ll go sometime in March.” *humph*

Awesome hat hair

Anyway, Q had a great time at the park, especially since we opted for the push-trike over the jogging stroller for the ride there. Fun time ended rather abruptly, though, when Q stepped in dog poo. Yes, some disrespectful, lazy, butthole citizen allowed their dog to take a crap on the sidewalk right next to a toddler playground. But this germophobe handled it well. I did not freak out. I even let Q keep his shoes on for the ride home since it was so cold. I just watched him like a hawk on steroids to make sure he didn’t touch his shoes. And to be safe, his mittens, coat, hat and pants all went in the wash the instant we got home. Right after I scrubbed his hands and face with soap, of course, even though I’m 99.999999% sure he didn’t actually touch the dog poo. Hey, when it comes to heart attacks and dog poo, I don’t f**k around.  

I have to admit, it’s kinda hard to choose joy when you have to clean dog shit off a brand new toddler shoe. It’s a glamorous life, my friends. Don’t hate.


I’m still sort of aghast that Quinn will be two in March. Ooooh, but that means I get to plan a birthday party soon! That will be fun. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go and peruse “train birthday parties” on Pinterest until the wee hours of the morning.

Q dumped his goldfish on the floor, scooped them back up in his
front loader, then ate them. It's a process, people.

Post-bath naked streak in hooded monkey towel.
Favorite part of the day.