Monday, February 11, 2013

A holistic attempt at curing the plague {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

The way illness usually works around our house is that Quinn will catch a cold from some germ-ridden place, like the Children’s Museum or Happy Hollow, and then he will pass it on to Hubs. Occasionally, Hubs will be the first to contract the bug due to his business travels, and then he’ll give it to Q.

A treat for a sick toddler is watching kid shows
on TV in Mommy and Daddy's bed. 
Somehow, more often than not, I manage to avoid getting sick, despite repeatedly being kissed, breathed, sneezed, coughed and snotted on.

But this time around was different. I got sick first. Me, the germophobic freak show who washes and sanitizes her hands a hundred times a day – and has the dry, cracked, bloody knuckles to prove it – got sick first. After a week of listening to me cough up a lung and sound like a dying frog, neither Q nor Hubs showed any signs of this nasty plague that has affected every household in a fifty-mile radius.

Until Friday. Just as I was finally starting to feel like my old self again and thinking that was the last we’d see of the awful illness, Q started coughing and sneezing. If you’ve ever experienced the Toddler Cold, you know how much everyone in the house suffers. No one sleeps. No one has any fun.

Uh oh. I think Hubs is getting sick, too.
Toddler Cold + Man Cold = Mommy better run for it!
Silly me, I thought that when a child reached the age of two, they could finally have children’s cold medicine. Imagine my devastation when I called the doctor’s office and found out that the magical age when I can finally drug my child is FOUR, not two.

After perusing every bottle in the children’s medicine aisle at the drugstore, I confirmed this dreadful truth. Each one said “not for children under four.” We have two more years of this madness. Shoot me now.

Then I found one bottle that said 2+. Hyland’s Nighttime Cough ‘N Cold for Kids, which is all natural and contains no drugs. Now, you should know I’m not really into alternative medicine or all-natural living. I like my cold medicine (especially after almost two years of not being able to take anything due to pregnancy and breast feeding!) I like my Red Bull and Diet Pepsi. I can’t justify the high cost of buying only organic food, and restricting our diets only to foods that contain five ingredients or less sounds like a s**t-ton of work.

However, in my neck of the woods (or anywhere in California), it’s not hard to find hippies people who know about this stuff. They’ve been a remarkable source of information for me since having Quinn. I’m now a huge believer in probiotics and Manuka honey. I had heard good things about Hyland’s, so I decided to try it.

I gave Quinn this all-natural elixir before his nap and at bedtime. Normally, Q barely sleeps when he’s sick. He wakes up constantly and can’t get back to sleep because he can’t breathe. Then I (or Hubs) hold him upright in the rocking chair, and he’s sound asleep again before his head hits my shoulder. After a few minutes, I carefully lay him back down in his crib and go back to bed. Thirty minutes later, his cries set off the baby monitor again, I shoot straight up in bed like there’s a lightning bolt up my ass, and the whole process starts over again. See, like I said, no one sleeps.

Yet after two nights (and two naps) of taking the Hylands before sleep, Q has slept soundly each time. He wakes up coughing occasionally, but then instantly goes back to sleep. Apparently, he can actually breathe.

To quote my dear friend, Robin, it’s a Christmas miracle.

For the sake of full disclosure, we also give Q children’s Advil to ease his sore throat and to help with the teething pain he’s experiencing on top of all this sickness, and we run a humidifier with a VapoRub steam next to his bed. But we’ve always done those two things, and Quinn has never slept well while sick until taking Hyland's.

I haven’t tried the Manuka honey yet. That would require Q to actually eat something. But I will keep trying to find ways to sneak it in to his food and let you know what happens.