Monday, February 25, 2013

Q and Gramma {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

I’ve completely lost track of the days. That always happens when Hubs travels for work. Without him home during the day on weekends to mark the end of another week, the days blur together here. Every day is the same. Yesterday, I went out to check the mail three times before I finally realized it was Sunday and the mail wasn’t coming.

He’s been away for two weeks straight now, and the days have been extra blurry this time, but that’s mostly due to our having house guests. My friend, Nicole, came to visit last weekend, and then my mom came to spend the week with us. With all that fun chatter and activity, the days flew by fast.

My mom was ecstatic to spend some quality time with Quinn. She lives in Michigan and doesn’t get to see him much, but I think Q knows her rather well, considering. We talk to her on the phone a lot, and he always picks up my phone (or any object he can pretend is a phone) and says he’s talking to Gramma. Q also has a photo album of family and friends he doesn’t see very often, and he always points to her picture and says “Damma Wowi,” which is Quinn-ese for “Grandma Lori.”
Q was in hog heaven with two grown-ups 
pushing him on the swing at the park.
A picture of Quinn taking pictures of me with Mom’s camera.

Quinn got to open his first birthday present – a little gas/service station from Gramma, complete with a gas truck and a tow truck. It even has a little gas pump with a nozzle, which is perfect for him because he loves to pretend he’s putting gas in his trucks.

Quinn was so stinkin' excited about this bow. He still plays with it.

One of my and Mom’s favorite restaurants is Mona Lisa – a small, authentic Italian place in North Beach in San Francisco. We eat there almost every time she visits. I’m huge fan of pasta with shell fish, so I couldn’t say no to a steaming bowl of fettuccine and mussels. Sometimes the chef will throw some extras into your dish, especially if they’re not busy. To mine, he added prawns and… calamari (squid). Now, you’re probably used to seeing calamari in appetizer form – little rubbery, breaded rings with a side of cocktail sauce. Not in my pasta. Nope, these bad boys were tossed in fresh, eye balls and everything. And one of them was HUGE! I named him Mauricio. (And, no, I didn’t eat him.)

Say “cheese,” Mauricio!

We took a quick walk through a nearby park before lunch to let Q stretch his legs. This church is so beautiful.

Saints Peter and Paul Church

Quinn is in love with stickers these days, and a few were included in his birthday card from Gramma. Two of the stickers were little party hats, which Q decided he needed to wear on his head, where he insisted they stay until bath time.

Ready to party.

Rockin’ his own style in Gramma’s shoes.

Quinn got attached to his Gramma rather quickly, and has been asking for her since she left on Saturday morning. I tell him that Gramma had to go home, and says “I go to Gramma’s house now? In Michigan?” So sweet!

Hubs returns home on Thursday, so I only have three more days of solo-parenting. The last part of his business trip included a few days in Switzerland, so he went snowboarding in the Alps this weekend. I’m more than a tiny bit jealous, but I really am happy for him and I can’t wait to see pictures. He’s taking next week off of work, and the three of us are going on a snow vacation in Tahoe. The Sierras don’t exactly compare to the Alps, but I’ll take it!