Monday, February 4, 2013

The Super Bowl and unrelated injuries {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

This QWA is going up a bit late today. We watched the Super Bowl last night with two other couples and their kids. By the time we got home and got Q to bed, I was pooped. 

Littlest fab club
I had every intention of watching another episode of Homeland with Hubs (OMG, are you watching this show? It’s the best show ever. We’re still mid-season one, so no spoilers, please!) and writing my blog post, but I fell asleep on the couch instead and accomplished neither of those things.

Hubs’ parents are “down south for the winter,” so we invited some friends to watch the big game over at their house. They have a huge room with a huge TV and tons of toys for their grandkids, which made the children and the husbands very happy.

After an abysmal first half, the game finally got interesting in the third quarter. Not that I or the other ladies really cared that much. We just wanted to see Beyoncé.

Even though the 49’ers eventually lost, it was still a fun mini-party. I made chili in the crock pot, and everyone brought a couple of dishes and beer to share. It would have been hard not to have fun, despite the Niners’ poor showing.

Maybe a high five will make Daddy smile.

The coin toss that really matters: who has to drive home?

Cutest little cheerleader!

The 49’ers egos aren’t the only things that got injured this weekend. Q took a huge spill at the park on Saturday. His face met the concrete, and he got pretty scraped up. After a good cry and a hug, he shook it off and took off running again. That’s my boy.

Hubs took Q to the market with him on Sunday morning to pick up ice for the game. He said the woman behind them in line saw Q’s face and said, “Looks like you slid right into second.” Then Q said, “SAFE!” and laughed hysterically. He’s a ham and a daredevil, just like his Daddy.

I wonder how many more gray hairs I’ll have by my birthday this year…