Monday, March 4, 2013

CHOO-CHOO! Q is TWO! {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

It’s actually happening. My little Q-man turns two this week! We had a little train-themed birthday party for him at the house on Saturday and invited all of his little friends. Tomorrow on the blog, I’ll feature all my DIY decorations – the successes and the not-so-much. But for now, here are a few photos from the party. Get ready for some toddler adorableness.

The kids’ lunches consisted PB&J and sugar cookies and drinking “Choo-Choo Juice” from red and white paper straws.

The kids loved their party bags, filled with conductor hats, train whistles, wind-up toy trains and more.

Quinn came out of his shell and had so much to say to all his guests. Here, he’s describing the party decorations on the table to our friend, Jordan. (Little Lucy will be a Big Sis in May!)

This year, Quinn didn’t mind when everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to him, but he still wouldn’t eat the cupcake. He was way more interested in playing with his new wind-up train. Yes, only my son, the pickiest toddler on the planet, would rather not eat a cupcake.

But that’s okay. The other kids loved the cupcakes.

Fun with trucks and trains in the backyard.

Quinn’s little girlfriend – so pretty in the sun and having a blast on Q’s swing.  

Adorable, happy families.

Hubs and I bought Q a new train table for his birthday. It provided great entertainment for the kiddos – they could all fit around it, and there were enough trains to go around… and all over the floor!

Hubs, Q and I are finally going to the snow this week. We’ll be in Lake Tahoe until Saturday for some solo-snowboarding, family sledding, and freezing cold good times. Now that Hubs is home from his long business trip and Q’s party is over, it’ll be nice for the three of us to be together and have some down time. Snowy pics to come later in the week!