Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter in the 80s {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

As a little girl in the 80s, getting all fancied-up for Easter was my favorite. I loved the frilly dresses, big bonnets, white gloves, little lace fold-over socks, white patent leather shoes, the whole works.

Easter 1987: My friend who lives across the street, her sister,
my younger cousin, and me. Yeah, we looked pretty silly.
During the church service, I would admire all the ladies in their beautiful clothes and hats. They were always so nice to us little girls, slightly bending down to compliment us on our special Easter attire and making a big deal about how nice we looked. Did your mother do your hair this morning? So pretty!

Apparently, almost thirty years later, little girls still wear frilly dresses, bonnets and gloves on Easter, or at least that’s what the racks of children’s clothing at the department stores tell me.

Being a little girl is so much fun.

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