Monday, March 11, 2013

I go... SLEDDING!!!

It happened. I tried to stop it, but I’m no match for Father Time. Quinn turned two last Friday. Hubs and I have survived two years of parenting. I now have two years of SAHM-ing under my belt.

And I have the wrinkles and gray hairs to prove it.

We spent Q’s birthday week up in Lake Tahoe for a little snow-cation. We stayed in the same condo we rented last year, and it seemed smaller with a two year old in it.

Mid-week, we got hit with a snow storm. I braved the storm and drove almost an hour down the slippery mountain slope to a little spa in Tahoe City for my surprise birthday massage. (Q’s isn’t the only birthday this week!) It was so worth it. Luckily, this Michigan girl remembers how to drive in snowy conditions. Of course, where I’m from, it’s a bit more flat.

Before I left, Q and Hubs helped me brush the snow off the car.

Q and Hubs played in the snow outside the condo while I was gone. Too bad Q’s a little young to appreciate that amazing view behind him.

Q got a huge kick out of watching his daddy throw snowballs. When the snowball made contact and exploded against the car, building or fence, they both would yell “POOF!,” and Quinn would crack up laughing.

Hubs found some sand toys in the garage of the condo, and Quinn decided they made good snow toys, too.

We took Q to the nearby golf course for some sledding. We thought the gentle slopes would be perfect for our little guy. Quinn had no interest in sledding at first – he was way more fascinated with the sand/snow toys. So Hubs went down a few times on his own. You know, just to show Q how much fun it was.

Quinn loved watching us ride down on the sled, but adamantly refused to participate.

Eventually, Hubs coaxed Q to the top of the little hill by promising to throw more snowballs up there. Then the only way down was by sled. Once Q went down, he was hooked.

MOMMY: “Quinn, did you like going sledding?”

Bye, Tahoe. Until next season. Now, who’s ready for Spring?