Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three-thirteen-thirteen… Sure hope that’s lucky. {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

Today is 3-13-13. I hope the double thirteens cancel each other out and make this a lucky day since today is my birthday. Also, some people think palindromic numbers, such as 31313, are lucky.  

A friend gave me this horseshoe necklace for my birthday back in college. I wore it every day for years. Not sure why I stopped… 

Anyway, I dug it out of the jewelry box and dusted it off to wear again today. Just in case I need a little extra luck.

But when you’re born on the thirteenth of the month, you get used to making your own birthday luck. 

In seventh grade, my birthday was on a Friday. That’s right. I turned thirteen on Friday the 13th

I don’t remember anything bad happening that day, and I’m still here, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get through another “double thirteen” birthday just fine.