Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yeah. That’s right. I know some stuff.

Dudes. You’re so not going to believe this. I’m featured on P&G’s Home Made Simple website! I wrote an amazing, clever informative article on how to keep your bedding clean and allergen-free. We’re talkin’ seriously valuable information here, people.

I didn't say I made the bed. I said it was clean.
That’s right. Me. Writing about home-type stuff. Don’t look so shocked. As my Grandma Betty would say, “I know a thing or two about a thing or two.” And you all know how much I like clean.

Want to know how to get your dingy sheets white again? I tell you how to do that.

Want to stop dust mite excrement and other allergens from flying up your nose at night? Yep. Got that covered.

Want to get all that nasty stank out of your mattress? No worries. I got you.

You can find all these answers and more in my Bedding Care Tips on Home Made Simple!

So please support this poor blogger and show me some love by visiting the site and sharing the mess out of it with all your peeps. Tweet it like you’ve never tweeted anything before!

(And then go wash your sheets.)

Thanks, friends!