Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another “I knew I was old when…” moment {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

Yesterday, Quinn’s swim instructor, “Sean” (who can’t be more than twenty-three or so) was humming “Just a Friend” in the pool. I laughed and made a comment about someone being a Bizmarkie fan. Sean replied he recently heard the Justin Bieber version and that he knew someone else had made that song a really long time ago, but he couldn’t remember who.

So... I don't know if Justin Bieber remade that song or if someone else remade the song about Justin Bieber. (Sorry, I tried to figure out what Sean was talking about, but had to cut my internet research short after my ears started bleeding.) 

But I clearly remember when the original Bizmarkie song came out “a really long time ago,” and Q is taking swim lessons from a kid who prefers the J.B. version. And Quinn and I call this kid “Mr. Sean.” Damn, I’m old.

In other news, Quinn is taking swim lessons. But more on that later.


  1. lol! hilarious! can't wait to hear more about swim lessons. if you are still doing it through the summer maybe E & Q can sign up for the same class!

  2. Ha ha ha. Too funny. My kids always look at me in amazement when I know the lines to a "new" song. Only to dash their hopes when I tell them it's a remake.