Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Keeping Easter simple (and Mommy sane)

I had big Pinterest-inspired plans for Easter. My spring wreath and other Easter-y decorations were all designed in my head… but unfortunately, that’s where they stayed.

We skipped the dye and breakable eggs.
I also had huge aspirations to color Easter eggs with Quinn just like my mom and I did when I was a kid. I loved drawing on the eggs with a white crayon, dipping the egg into a coffee mug of dye, and then lifting the egg out to reveal the image I drew or the family member’s name I wrote. I couldn’t wait to do the same thing with Q this year.

Then I had visions of dye spilling everywhere and staining everything. I recalled the noxious smells of vinegar and hard boiled eggs that would fill the house and gross me out. I remembered my two year old brother dying Easter eggs twenty years ago and how quickly he grew bored with the process.

I guess after Q’s big birthday party earlier in the month, I’m DIY-ed out. My creativity and energy are tapped. But don’t worry. Q’s Easter certainly did not suck. Instead, I chose to not make a ton of work for myself and stay up too late creating something Pinterest-worthy, and I found fun ways to keep Easter simple and myself sane.

I skipped the vinegar-y dye and stinky eggs, and I opted for plastic eggs and festive stickers. I invited Q’s little friends over for a playdate so they could all decorate eggs together, but that didn’t really work out. With all the kids around, none of them sat still long enough to put stickers on a single egg. So I tried the project again with Quinn solo the next morning, and he loved it! He spent almost an hour putting stickers on plastic eggs, which is FOREVER in toddler time.

Stickers were a hit! Off to find more things to put stickers on!

The Easter Bunny filled Q’s plastic eggs – some with a couple Jelly Bellies and some with M&M’s – and hid them around the family room. Instead of hiding dozens of eggs, we only hid eleven. (Twelve was my goal, but Q grew tired of decorating after eleven, and I didn’t push it.) Q had a great time hunting for them! After finding each one, he would exclaim, “Let’s open it!” and once he realized they eggs held candy inside, he said “Let’s eat it!”

First Easter egg hunt

"Easter bunny put candy in the eggs, Mommy!"

For the record, Q was not a fan of the Jelly Bellies. He attempted to eat each one, but then spit it out. So whenever he opened a Jelly Belly egg, I traded him for M&Ms. (Luckily, the Easter Bunny left the rest of the bag of M&Ms in our cupboard.) Even today when you ask him about how his Easter was, he will tell you, “I don’t like jelly beans. I like M&Ms.”

Daddy's turn to catch the jelly bean as Q spits it out.

Q was super excited to discover eggs with little cars and trucks inside in his Easter basket, and  baseball is his new favorite game. He "pitches" the ball to me, I pretend to swing and strike out, and he yells, "Swing and a miss!" and giggles like crazy.

Next year, the Easter basket will contain more candy that Mommy and Daddy can eat.

His new red "pick-on" truck (instead of pick up truck) goes everywhere with him.

And who says only little girls can look adorable on Easter? Q’s Easter outfit rocked. Gingham shirt, mustache tie, faux Converse-style sneakers with no laces, and he rocks his khaki’s with a “cuff and crease.” Dr. Dre, circa 1999, would be proud. (Keeping with the whole “keeping Easter simple” theme, the mustache tie is a clip on, and Q actually kept it on all day.)

Straight up gangsta

Q checking out his reflection in the oven. He knows he looks good.

The three of us still had a fabulous Easter despite my total lack of domestic goddess-ness. I’m saving up all my creative gumption for Q’s big boy bedroom, to be revealed sometime this summer.

My handsome guys

And now that I think about it, that photo of the sticker eggs and this post about keeping Easter simple and sane are totally Pinterest-worthy!