Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Would you hire this person? {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

I’m actually doing this. This SAHM is now also a working mom. I’m making my career goal of being an independent consultant come true. I have a business license, a business name, domains for my website (to be built eventually if I ever bring in enough revenue to do so), and several potential baby-sitters lined up and ready to interview.

I have everything I need… except a work wardrobe. I met with a potential client a couple weeks ago, and my biggest dilemma was what to wear. I haven’t had to wear Big Girl Office Clothes in over two years. So I hauled the bin labeled “Mel’s Clothes” out of the garage, blew the dust off, and started trying on my old cute clothes that I used to wear to work. Surprisingly, a lot of them still fit. Holla!

So the real question is, are any of them still in style? After a bazillion wardrobe changes (and, yes, even a few tears), here’s what I wore to my first client visit. What do you think? Did I do alright? I know it looks remarkably like the outfit I showed you last week. I’m not feeling very creative or brave when it comes to fashion these days, which is why I turn to you on these matters. Keep in mind that Corporate America in California is very casual. I was actually a bit over-dressed. 

Well anyway, I must have done something right because… I have my first client! NOW I’m officially in business.

By the way, I’m way more nervous about finding the right baby-sitter for Quinn than I am about this job, but more on that later. For now, how cute are these shoes?


  1. you'd look good in a paper sack. you go girl.

  2. Hey, I recognize her! She looks exactly the same...and I mean that in a great way. Miss and love ya. So proud of you!!! Go get 'em girl!!

  3. Melissa, it's a great outfit!!! Congrats on your consulting business!

  4. You look lovely! Good luck with your new biz!!

  5. Replies
    1. Why, thank you! I really had to try hide the newly forming preggo belly, which made finding an interview outfit extra tough!

  6. Yup, smoking hot! And go you! New job and stuff. Good luck and we can work on looking fabulous together! You guys will have to tell me what to wear to this What NOT to Wear recap show I'm filming!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! And congrats on the WNTW recap show. I will definitely tune in!