Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meet Baby Dragon

Remember how I said this whole new job thing has really cut into my blogging time? Yeah, well, there’s another reason I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately.

I’m preggers again!

Yep. I’m fourteen weeks along and officially in my second trimester. Here’s a little picture of our LBK2 from our ultrasound last week. (Notice, that instead of “LBK2,” I went with the superscript number two. That’s because two kids are exponentially more work than one kid, not just double. Well, that’s just a theory at this point, but I’d be willing to bet Q’s college fund on it.)

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re doing the math and going, “Uh, fourteen weeks, you say? Um, wasn’t your husband traveling all over for the world for, like, months?”

Yeah. We’re sort of surprised, too. Not surprised as in “Whoops! We didn’t mean to get knocked up!” kind of surprised. We’re surprised as in, “Wow, how that work after only two months of trying?” Hubs traveled for business a little December, half of January and all of February, but he did come home on most weekends.

What can I say? The man’s efficient.

Anyhoot, we’re due in October, and we couldn’t be more excited! 

I found out I was pregnant while Hubs was traveling, so I taught Quinn to say “I’m a big brother,” and he got to tell Daddy the news on the phone. Hubs' reaction quickly went from stunned to thrilled. 

Last week, we went public with the news, which, of course, means we announced it on Facebook. Hubs and I updated our cover photos with this image and waited to see who noticed. We bought a pair of Converse All Stars for the new baby, and took the photo at the elementary school playground down the street. Adorable, right? I know!

Our first ultrasound image, taken at seven weeks preggo, has been hanging on our fridge. Quinn is convinced it’s a picture of a dragon. I have no idea where he gets that. I’ve looked and looked at this thing, and I don’t see a dragon, but then again, Quinn sees things that I don’t see all the time. 

Can you see the dragon?

So LBK2 is also known as Baby Dragon. Yes, I promise, we will not actually name our child Dragon.

Unless it’s a girl, then of course, we’re naming her Dragon.