Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh yeah, and THIS is happening.

Boredom is my mortal enemy. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I don’t sit still very well. Even when I’m sitting, I’m usually plugging away on my laptop. My need to accomplish often supersedes my needs for food, water and sleep. Hence, my shameful dependency on Red Bull during the day and my fondness for a tall glass of wine at night.

Just in the last month, I started working part-time, interviewed several nannies before finding one I liked (that’s a post all by itself!), launched “Operation Big Boy Bedroom” for Quinn (another future post – it’s going to be so cute when it’s done!), began the process of researching preschools for Q and toured five of them, took on a small writing project, AND somewhere in there I try to find time to write this little ol’ blog.

As if that wasn’t enough, Hubs and I decided to sell our house. We talked to a couple realtors, looked at a bunch of houses … and then decided not to sell our house. So we’re staying put for a while. Whew!

And as I type this, I am on a red-eye flight to Boston to visit two of my college friends who recently had their first babies, and a fourth member of our circle is flying in from Michigan. It’s not going to be wildest girls’ weekend of all time with two new mamas and a preggo, but I’m so excited to see my girls, I can’t stand it!

Wait. Preggo? Oh yeah. I’m pregnant. Minor detail. That means I’m way more exhausted than usual and cannot rely on my usual liquid diet of Red Bull and wine. That also means getting dressed every morning is quite the undertaking because nothing fits me right now. (It took me two hours to pack my tiny suitcase for this four-day trip!) I’m in that super awkward stage of pregnancy where you can’t tell if I have a baby bump or a beer gut. So maternity clothes are still too big, but my usual clothes are way too tight. Thank goodness it’s getting warm out and I can start wearing loose and comfy summer skirts.

Now that I’m in the second trimester and I’m starting to get a little energy back, it’s so tempting to stay up late glued to my laptop and snacking to get all this stuff done. But I know I need to slow down. Five hours of sleep a night is not enough for any human, especially when said human is growing another human in her belly and has to take care of another tiny-yet-active human the next day. Damn, I miss my Red Bull. (Oooooh, sweet nectar….)

There’s so much going on, I haven’t really had time to focus on being pregnant, which is vastly different from my first pregnancy. But now that I’m starting to show, it’s becoming more real. I’m now carving out a little time for myself and the new baby by going to prenatal yoga once a week, so that has really helped. I don’t miss my glass of wine so much on yoga nights.

Another thing that has helped is that we didn’t keep the pregnancy a super secret this time, like we did when I was in my first trimester with Quinn. Since I’m not working full-time, I didn’t have to worry about my manager or co-workers finding out. So this time we told close friends and family, especially those that we see frequently, and just asked that they not mention it on Facebook.

I like it better when it’s not a secret. I mean, I totally get why people choose not to tell right away, but it’s such a pain the ass. Anyone who knows me also knows that I like my wine, my Red Bull, and my Diet Pepsi, so constantly coming up with lies for why I’m drinking water gets really old. At some point, you’re just insulting people’s intelligence. So as soon as I got the blood test results, I didn’t bother lying to anyone. It’s been much easier this way.

I made a promise to myself this week to slow down, get some more sleep and take good care of this little baby. (We have reason to believe it’s A BOY, but more on that in future post, too!) However, this promise directly conflicts with my other promise to get my jiggle preggo ass to the gym in the mornings. Now that I’m over the continuous barfy feeling that plagued me the entire first trimester, I have no excuse not to go. But that means I have to cut back in other areas, and sleep cannot be one of them! It’s all about choices, right?