Friday, June 14, 2013

Easy, cheap last minute Father’s Day gifts and a free greeting card from Treat!

Father’s day is Sunday, and if you have a child or five, you might have been a tad too busy lately to get around buying a gift. Sure you can run to the store and buy Hubs another tie, or…

… you can try one of these easy and inexpensive ideas.

A baseball – autographed by your little one

I found this super cute idea for my Hubs’ first Father’s Day a couple years ago. I can’t remember where I read about it – it was before I became a Pinterest junkie, but I’m sure this is on there somewhere.

I bought a baseball in a plastic case from Target for about $15.00, and I found black, non-toxic stamp ink from Michael’s for about $5.00. It wasn’t easy getting a three-month-old’s handprint, but I did it, and I put it on the baseball. If Quinn had been older at the time, I would’ve had him write his own name, but I wrote “To Daddy, Love, Quinn” on it instead.

Easy, adorable, sentimental and $20.

Photo with DAD letters in a frame

I blogged about this awesome idea last year. You can get large, wooden or plastic letters from Michael’s or Home Depot. (I borrowed mine from a friend, so I’m not sure how much they were, but I know they weren’t expensive.) I purchased the picture frame with three 4" x 6" slots from Target for $10.00.

Then Quinn and I spent some time in the backyard doing a little photo shoot. Pick your three favorite photos and spend a couple bucks at your local one-hour photo place. Also cheap, easy, adorable, and fast. Done!

This is perfect if you have three kids, one kid, or two kids and a dog, but you can make it work with any combination. Hubs really liked this gift, and he has it on his desk at work.

Free greeting card from Treat!

With Father’s Day, graduations and countless weddings coming up, you could spend all day staring at racks and racks of greeting cards at the store. Maybe you’re like me and you waste precious time reading one and putting it back, reading another one and putting back, over and over again. Or maybe you just quickly pick one that you dub “good enough” and is kind of meh.

OR you could make a personalized card from Treat (a Shutterfly, Inc. brand) for free. It’s unique, meaningful, and did you hear me say FREE?

This offer is only for new Treat customers. Create your new Treat account, choose one of their 5,000+ cards, personalize it (some designs let you upload a photo), and use the code below at checkout. You’ve only got until June 17th to use the code, so hurry!


Hope these ideas help you out. You’ve got 48 hours until Father’s Day. Go! Go! Go!

This post is not sponsored by Treat or Shutterfly, Inc. I received this offer code because I'm a contract consultant at Shutterfly, Inc.and was encouraged to share the code. I was not in any way compensated for this post. All ideas and opinions expressed here are my own. (Except for the DAD photo frame idea, which I shamelessly stole from my friend, Robin.)