Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To LBK: You in this moment

Dear LBK,

You. Right now. In this moment. It’s incredible. How you are fills my heart. Your laugh, your smile, your sparkle – they outshine the sun.

Photo credit goes to my good friend, Rebecca (or her maybe her
husband), for capturing my new favorite picture of Q.
There are so many things I want to capture about you right now. With your brother arriving in a few months, life is about to get even busier.  I’m scared I’ll be too scattered to notice all these little amazing things about you. I never want to forget a single detail.

Your favorite thing is to be chased. You smile at me with that glint in your eye and ask, “Mommy chase me?” I turn toward you and you start to run, but you don’t run far because the only thing you like more than being chased is being caught. You stop and let me scoop you up, and I tickle your belly and ribs and bury my nose in your neck. You laugh until no sound comes out and then ask me to chase you again.

You want to know how everything works. How a bumble bee works, how a cement mixer works, how a garbage truck works, how a toaster works, how a school bus works. Your curiosity is boundless.

You’re fascinated by stories about you and Lovey Dog. All day long, you ask me, “Quinn and Lovey Dog in a front loader?” or “Quinn and Lovey Dog on a train?” or “Quinn and Lovey Dog on a sail boat, please?” And on the spot, we conjure up a story about you and your best friend on a big adventure.

You’re so tender and kind to your stuffed animals. You talk to them, give them hugs and kisses, and say you love them. You tell your fluffy rabbit, “I missed you so much, Bunny,” and you give him a snuggle. When it’s time to leave, Bunny has to put his shoes on, too. When I kiss your boo-boo, I kiss Lovey’s boo-boo, too.

“I don’t need Mommy’s help anymore. I do it all myself!” you say proudly as you master more and more tasks on your own.

All you want for breakfast is a waffle, although I could talk you into something else as long as it’s also covered in maple syrup. All you want for lunch is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All you want for dinner is a waffle or a PB&J, but I don’t cave at dinnertime.

You are the best conversationalist. “Daddy, how was your day?” and “Mommy, what are you doing right there?” are frequent inquiries. Your constant chatter fills my ears, my days and my heart.

Your imagination is astounding. You pretend your trucks are broken and proceed to fix them. You see a bird fly away and then you pretend the bird is sitting next to you and you talk to it. “See my birdie, Mommy? It’s right there.” Then you hold out your hand to feed your new pet that only you can see.

Everywhere we go, you ask complete strangers “Hi! What’s your name?” as they pass by. You make friends at the park, at the zoo, at the grocery store. They smile as they walk away from their encounter with you, and I’m so proud of you for making someone’s day a little brighter.

These numerous, daily moments with you – so seemingly small in significance, yet so great to the mother who gets to watch you grow.

I love you, Quinners!
~ Mommy

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