Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dragon-themed Baby Shower

As you know, we’ve lovingly nicknamed our second son (who will be born any day now) “Baby Dragon.” (Click here for the funny story behind that.) So my very clever and talented friends threw me a dragon-themed baby shower. Surprisingly enough, there are actually lots of great ideas for dragon-themed baby showers on Pinterest. Not surprisingly, my clever and talented friends also came up with many great ideas all their own. A little bit Puff the Magic Dragon and a little bit Gothic with a black, turquoise and lime color scheme, they found the perfect balance between cutesy and grown-up.

For starters, this is the invitation that came in the mail, complete with a dye-cut dragon for the diaper raffle. I don’t even want to know how many hours and hand cramps when into cutting those out! (And yes, my shower invitation is already adhered to the baby book. Hey, I thought the kid was going to be born three weeks ago! I’ve had some time on my hands.)

My friend, Robin, makes amazing diaper cakes, as you may remember from the The Very Hungry Caterpillar baby shower we threw for another friend this summer. She decorated mine with several cute little dragon stuffed animals and topped it with an adorable dragon baby hat. I will definitely get a picture like this one of Baby Dragon in the hat. And assuming we’re home from the hospital by Halloween, this will make the perfect newborn costume!

Chalkboard paper with white chalk text made perfect labels for everything, from the champagne flutes (out of which I drank one Diet Pepsi and several yummy faux-mosas, or “mi-faux-sas” if you prefer) to the waffle bar stations.

Why yes, I DID say waffle bar! The perfect menu for a brunch-time baby shower. Have you ever had a waffle covered in Nutella and powdered sugar? Don’t ever tell my toddler that such a thing is actually a breakfast option!

The delicious cupcakes included more hand-cramp dragons (God bless these ladies), and other turquoise and lime colored toppers.

As if that wasn’t enough too-cute-food, my friends adorned bags of caramel corn with paper onesies labeled “ready to pop.” Cute, right?!

Those clever and talented friends I mentioned? Here they are. And they’re gorgeous to boot! Thanks for making it such a memorable day, ladies. A preggo couldn’t ask for better friends. 

The clever, talented and gorgeous DeeDee and Robin.
(Scroll back up and look carefully at the name tag on
the pink dragon from the diaper cake. Haha!)