Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Easy, festive fall mantle

Last year, for the first time, I got into the fall decorating. (Check out my post from last year for a few simple ideas and easy how-to’s.) Somehow between hospital visits and false alarms, I managed to get my fall decorating done this year before the baby comes. I did the same decorations as last year – the hurricane vases with autumn-colored lentils, the white pumpkins on the coffee table, the door wreath, the gourds and Indian corn centerpiece, and the cornstalks and pumpkins on the front porch.

As a bonus, this year I threw in a super easy fall mantle. And I didn’t even shamelessly copy anything I found on Pinterest. Go me! (Although, I’m sure something similar must exist on there. Everything exists on Pinterest.)

I found some inexpensive cylinder vases (only $3.00 each!) and stacked some small white pumpkins in each one. For reference, the vases are 6”Dx10”H, in case you’re wondering how big they should be to fit the small pumpkins. Then I stuffed in a few fake flowers.

I also found some white wooden letters at Michael’s and painted them brown. I made the ‘A’ a more reddish-brown than the others, but it’s a little hard to tell in the photos. They also have black, brown and natural wood letters if you’re not into painting.

Then I just sat a few extra small pumpkins around the letters and vases and TA-DA! A super easy fall mantle. The whole thing cost less than $20 and took ten minutes to put together (or an hour, if you count painting the letters and waiting for them to dry).

I might do something little more elaborate with the mantle next year, but since Baby Dragon could arrive any minute and I’m supposed to be taking it easy (HA!), this will do just fine for 2013.  

What does fall look like at your house?