Monday, January 13, 2014

2013, Don’t Leave Without Saying Goodbye

Yes, I realize we’re already two weeks into 2014, and I am quite late posting a 2013 recap. But a tiny human just exited my womb, so I’ve been a little busy. And I'm going to be kind to me and not beat myself up about that. The fact that I made a video at all is pretty damn incredible considering I don't always get to take a shower every day. 

So, 2013, please don’t leave until I have a chance to say goodbye with a quick summary of all that went down.

I started the year with “choose” as my 2013 theme word. Hubs traveled for about a million days early in the year. My friend from college and my mom flew out from Michigan to stay with us during part of that time, and it was great having them here. I revealed the disgusting side of motherhood. Quinn turned two and we had a kick-ass train party. We went on a family snow-cation. I took a stance on a sensitive subject. I went back to work and started my own consulting business, which meant sent me on a mad babysitter hunt. I learned Photoshop. We announced we were pregnant for Baby Dragon. I talked about protecting my children above all else. I admitted that I’m not a big fan of being pregnant. Quinn moved into his Big Boy Train bedroom (which has over 400 repins on Pinterest, thank you very much). We went to Hawaii. I got super sappy over my Q-man here, here, here, here and here. I wondered how I would have enough love for two babies. I had an awesome baby shower. Reid, our Baby Dragon, was born, and Q fell in love with his little brother.  


Now, are you ready for some serious toddler and newborn cuteness? Okay, get ready to turn into a puddle. Here’s a quick 2013 review video set to one of Q’s new favorite songs, “Cabin By the Sea” by The Dirty Heads. Yeah, I know this song is about smoking weed, but my two year-old doesn’t know that. It's on repeat in my car, and if we pull into the garage before the song is over, we have to wait until the end before we get out of the car, even though Q can hear it anytime he wants. Which is All. The. Time. He walks around singing "start a fire, start a fire." Which I guess would be sorta creepy if you didn't know the context. Hmmm, I should probably tell his preschool teachers about this before I get a phone call... 

Anyway, here's the video. (If the video below is too small and/or grainy for you, click here to view it on YouTube.)

Yes, Quinn. Bananas are quite "de-wi-cious." Haha!

Well, that’s a lot of change for one year. With another little baby to love, I imagine 2014 will only bring more adventures. Okay, 2013, you can go now. Goodbye. 

I hope your 2014 is off to a good start. Happy New Year, friends!

Note: If you blow the video up to full screen, it will be a little grainy because Blogger compresses it. Bummer. Also, if you're viewing this post in your email, the video won't show up because Feedburner is weird like that. Double bummer. Please click on the title of the post to view it in your browser or view it on YouTube.

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