Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014: All the stuff I never told you

In our house, the year 2014 came and went in a blur of giggles, antics, and shenanigans. And I have the gray hairs to prove it. The fact that my blogging was a bit lackluster, especially toward the end of the year, made it even more important for me to create my annual recap video. Now you can see all the awesome stuff I never told you about.

Like that Quinn turned three and had a rad race car birthday party. And that he rides his tricycle and scooter all by himself. Or that he woke up one morning and suddenly lost his fear of heights and water, and started jumping off the diving board into Daddy’s arms and climbing to the top of everything. Or about how he is owning preschool, and that the stuff he says continues to simultaneously crack me up and amaze me.

I also didn’t tell you that my Baby Dragon isn’t a baby anymore. Reid has his first birthday and had an adorable dragon/Halloween/birthday party. And in 2014, he went from rolling to crawling to pulling up to standing, and he’s now taking small steps before falling into a fit of laughter on the floor. I haven’t told you how he does everything Quinn does and therefore gets into way more mischief than Q did at this age. Oh! And his words! His many, many words... Reid’s going to be a talker like Quinn.

Since all of those blog posts only exist in draft form in my brain, from which there is no foreseeable escape, check out this fun video instead to see how 2014 went down in our house. You can watch the boys grow – and the mischief double – right before your eyes. 

(For a larger, clearer video, watch it on YouTube here!)

You’ll be hearing from me a lot more in 2015, I promise. I’ve missed you! Do you hear that gasping? That’s just me coming up for air. Once I catch my breath, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

I hope your 2015 is off to a fabulous start. Happy New Year!

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