Monday, June 22, 2015

Capturing Moments: For the Hubs

As the often self-appointed family historians, moms usually find themselves behind the camera, capturing moments in time. Some of these moments seem insignificant – just the kids at the beach again or just the kids playing in the yard again. But it’s in these everyday moments where the stories of our lives unfold. We’re more than birthdays, events and milestones. We are blowing bubbles and splashing in the lake and riding on shoulders. We are jumping off couches and soaring on swing sets and bouncing in ocean waves. We are laughter and hugs and kisses.

I capture these moments because I know our boys won’t be little forever. I know these adorable stages of toddler-waddling and preschooler-pontificating are merely blips in our history. I want to remember every single thing – and maybe ease my guilt for occasionally wishing away these baby phases in favor of more self-sufficiency and fewer tantrums.

As I looked back over the hundreds of photos and videos I’ve taken so far in 2015, I noticed that many of them were of my husband with our kids. He’s such an amazing dad, and our boys love him to death. Reid, who is now 20-months-old, hears Hubs’ keys in the door and runs into the kitchen yelling, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Always three “daddies.”

Hubs’ birthday was Saturday, and Father’s Day was Sunday. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to put a little video together of all the moments I’ve captured with him and the boys, and a few of the two of us as well. In celebration of what a loving husband and doting father he is, checkout this little video on Vimeo.

Here’s to you, Hubs, my original red head, my roadie, my Triple H, my Drishti, my partner on this wild adventure.

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