Sunday, November 20, 2016

#MikeAndDJ Memes

If America's favorite bros, Barack and Joe, have their own side-splitting memes, the upcoming TP duo should have theirs, too, right? So I created some memes for them because I'm "trying to move on" and "get on board" and "give them a chance."  (Not really. I'm just really fucking snarky.)

I dub these memes #MikeAndDJ - Yes, I'm putting Pence's name first, and yes, I'm referring to Trump as DJ. Because I think Trump would really fucking hate that, and that makes me smile.

Send me your own #MikeAndDJ memes and/or meme ideas! I will add them to mine below and share. Keep checking back here and search #MikeAndDJ on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more as they roll out.

Because if we can't laugh right now, we'll just fucking cry.