Welcome! My name's Melissa. I'm a SAHM to two amazing boys, Quinn and Reid, and a wife to one lucky man (The Hubs). (I'm pretty lucky, too.) I'm a Michigander turned Californian, but my heart is still mitten-shaped.

For myself, I'm a writer, blogger, snowboarder, marketer, party planner, house decorator, crafter, big idea thinker-upper, fast talker, wine chugger sipper and Red Bull chugger lover. (Otherwise known as "creative energy on caffeine.") For others, I'm a booger wiper, potty trainer, hug supplier, boo-boo kisser, park regulator, milk dispenser, diaper changer, muffin bakersuper snuggler, rib tickler, germ repeller, character builder, lesson teacher, value instiller and fierce protector. (Otherwise known as "Mom.") 

But my life used to be very different... I started "A Wide Line" once I finally decided walking a fine was just too stinkin' hard. I blog about life and parenting and how we can become (and raise) better people. It's sometimes heavy - but usually not - and often entertaining. Just like life.

My heart on a blanket